4 Reasons Grandma Is Awesome

Grandma's are very special in most people's lives. Whether she is feeding or treating her grandkid it is quite hard to find someone quite like Grandma. Check out four reasons why Grandmas are awesome.


  1. Advice

They always have great advice. Think about it, they have been around for quite some time now. It may not seem like their advice is right at first, but give it some time and one will see just how Grandma knows best.


  1. Info On Grand Kids' Parents

Grandma is a great source in getting information on parents' past. There is a lot that parents do not tell their children, and for good reason. However, getting some details on their past could be useful in future conversations.


  1. She's Got Style

Grandma won't be wearing what the cool kids are, but whatever her style is just works. Sure it may look as if their choices are couple decades outdated but she will confidently show off her style.


  1. Humor

Grandma is always going to be funny whether she means to be or not. Remember that a lot has changed since she was a kid which can be anything from technology to simply how things are done in present time. Whether they are trying to change the channel on the television or something they say that one could get away with saying back in the day, just laugh with them and take in every moment.


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