4 Reasons Why Grandma Is The Best...

No one else in a person's life will ever quite be grandma. They will never be able to provide what grandma does. Here are four reasons why:

1. Home Cooking

Not even a five-star restaurant can top grandma's home cooking. She also knows how to cook just about anything that comes to mind. Maybe it's nostalgia but whatever it is there is something she adds that no other person can ever top.

2. Tons Of Kindness

She will cherish everything that has to do with her grandchildren. Even when it may not be right, she'll still support them in a positive matter. They'll get temperamental with their own kids but let you get away with anything.

3. Clean Up

Grandma can clean up anything, whether the mess is around the house or about life she knows what to do. A lot of times her methods are effective and unorthodox.

4. Says Whatever

Grandma will speak her mind and not care what anyone else thinks. She is a simple reminder that life is too short and not being carefree is no way to live life.

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