Things Learned From Delivering Pizzas


Delivering pizzas you are sure to have quite the adventure. Here are a few things that most people that worked the job at one point or another can relate to.

1. Special Delivery Requests Can Get Complicated

You may find yourself getting different requests with some orders. It can be anything from dropping the pizza off at the side of the house or a request for something not from your restaurant. 

2. You Will Deliver to Colleagues

Depending on the city you are delivering in you might be making orders to people you know. Just prepare yourself for it as you might be seeing people that you may not necessarily want to be running into.

3. Extra Pizzas

You aren't able to get this too often but calling in to discuss why you weren't happy with the pizza you received can help you get another. It can be anything from being too cold, not enough of something, etc. There is a good possibility that your manager will just let the customer keep the original while making them a new one. 

4. Extras

There are going to be many situations you will be happy and others not so much. There can be many factors that go into how much you get. It is out of your control for the most part so just smile and move on, you probably have a bunch of other deliveries that need to be made.

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