7 Dogs That Look Like Stuffed Animals (So. Much. Cute.)

Getting a stuffed animal that is an exact replica of your dog is a thing, and it’s a thing that apparently lots of people are doing—along with getting super-realistic breed-specific stuffed dogs. There are some real life dogs, though, that look so much like stuffed animals you’d have a legitimately difficult time picking them from a crowd of plush ones.

Boo the Pomeranian

Boo is internet-famous, for obvious reasons. Of the dog breeds that look like stuffed animals, the Pomeranian is probably number one. Like, we’re still not sure if they’re even real.



Black Bear the Chow Chow Puppy

Too. Cute. Can’t. Handle.



Over-Sized Chow Chow

The fluffiest of fluffy dog breeds! This looks like the gift you always wanted to get at the toy store, but your parents would never let you get. Probably, you know, because an over-sized stuffed animal is outrageously expensive. But now that you’re an adult…




The family resemblance is very real.



Three’s Company

The next time someone tries to tell us bad things come in threes, we’re just going to rub this photo in their face. Little buddies!



Rag Dog

This dog is the equivalent of the adorably worn-in stuffed thing we all toted around as kids (and probably still own, TBH). I mean, even his eyes look like they could be made out of glass, and his nose? Pleather all the way.



Ultimate Fur Ball

We’re pretty sure this is a Tibetan mastiff, which is one of the world’s most expensive dogs. They’re amazing full-grown, but with those over-sized puppy features? We can hardly stand it.


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