Activities To Do With Grandma

Grandparents can make great babysitters and gives them a chance to really connect. A lot of peoples best childhood memories are with Grandma. Here are five activities that grandparents and grandkids can do together and recreate the same memories that most parents have with their own grandparents.

1. Cooking & Baking - Kids have a habit of wanting to always assist with certain tasks. Cooking and baking are good ways to make them feel like they are involved. It is the best way to truly enjoy something that was made from the heart.

2. Puzzles & Games - This is always a good activity that will allow Grandma to relax and not tire herself out too easy.  Aside from that, it's a fun time for everyone involved.

3. Gardening - Whether it's picking berries or planting flowers, gardening is one activity that everyone will enjoy. Kids will really enjoy planting a tiny seed and then watching it grow into something beautiful or delicious. 

4. Playgrounds - A trip to the playground is a healthy active activity for both Grandma and grandkids. 

5. Arts and Crafts - This is a great way to bring out each others creative sides. Grandma also might be able to pass on some skills such as sewing or knitting. Who knows what kind of things the kids can make while getting in touch with their creative side. Maybe they can make things like this Tissue Box Cover that would make the perfect gift for Grandma.


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