He Paid For His Adopted Brother’s Honeymoon. Weeks Later, Gets Incredible Surprise

Josh Williams from Toronto received had not been expecting the unannounced visit from his adopted brother David marked a day he would never forget.

Josh and his bro David have always been close. David was adopted by Josh’s parents when he was just a toddler and the pair have got on famously ever since. Growing up the pair were inseparable and to this day they remain the closest of friends. They share everything with one another – despite the fact they now live in different cities and Josh even paid for his brothers honeymoon when he'd fallen on tough times.

But in their youth Josh and David had an extra friend who would always tag a long with them - a blonde toy bear that was appropriately named Cuddles.

The story of Cuddles originates from from the care home that David was adopted from and was the only item that he possessed when he was welcomed into his new home. As one would expect, David was at first very protective of Cuddles but Josh showed an interest and the pair learned to share.

Unfortunately to much despair one day between moving houses with their parents Cuddles disappeared never to be seen again. The family always presumed that he had been left behind during the move but nobody really knew what had happened.

Until recently...

Amazingly - despite the the owner of the boys original house changing hands years ago, a box was found in the basement of the property containing a plethora of personal belongings. The occupants went out of their way to find who the items belonged to and astoundingly they managed to get in touch with David.

The image of this article depicts the moment David made a special visit to Josh to announce the discovery and you can see by Josh's reaction what it meant to him!

What a touching story!

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