How To Display Your Toy Car Collection

When people begin to collect things the specific item can really add up. As that happens what they used to be stored/displayed in all of a sudden becomes too small. Also when they begin to add up show off the collection is never a bad idea and it will be fun for yourself to admire too. Take a look below at all the different ways that you can display or store your toy car collection.

1. Feature Wall - Get creative and make a piece of art with your collection. Getting a magnetic wall to stick them on will make it easy to rearrange and not be permanent. 

2. Shelves - Whether the shelf is attached to the wall or on the ground it is a great way to display the collection getting the best side view of the cars. If you are good with woodwork then make a custom shelf that are the exact fit for the cars.

3. Picture Frame - Arrange the cars in a picture frame to be placed on the wall. With all the different colors the designs that can be made can be quite creative.

4. Lamps - There are lambs that have hallow bases that things can be put in. Placing all of the cars in there will make for a nice piece in the house and display the collection quite nicely.

5. Cases - Cases are a good way to store the toy cars. It is even better when the top is clear so they can be looked at without having to even take them out. Store your toy car collection in this Clear Top Toy Car Case to keep them in great condition.  


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