Man Shocks Sister With Ultimate Suprise


This is the emotional moment that a soldier returns home for the first time in three years to surprize his beloved sister.

After three long years stationed in Italy, soldier David Brown, from Canada is about to return home for the first time to surprise his sister Sarah.

Upon walking through the front door, the family dog is the first to recognise David, but his barks aren't enough to startle Sarah, who continues watching TV completely unaware her brother stands only a few feet away.

When she finally spots David, the teenager gasps in disbelief before crying out his name in excitement, leaping up and locking her arms and legs around him.

Older brother John, who planned the surprise reveal, said: 'I loved Sarah's reaction, you can tell just how excited and overcome with emotion she was.

'Both my family and I all cried at the reaction, it was such a lovely moment to witness.

'They've always been very close ever-since they were small, so David being away has been very hard for her.'

The reunited pair stay locked in the embrace for several moments, remaining completely silent as they stand stunned by emotion.

Sarah's elation soon turns to anger as she finds out that her brother has been home for three days without telling her, but all is quickly forgotten with another hug.

John said: 'It's so nice to be able to all hang out together again.

'The video still makes everyone teary-eyed to watch, even now.'

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