Secrets To Having A Happy Baby

Having a child is the most challenging but also rewarding experiences of your life. It is a constant strain on your time, energy, patience and emotions throughout the course of your life, but it is at its height when they are newborn babies. Babies demand an incredible amount of attention and it is made even more difficult by the fact that they can't speak but only cry and shout and scream. The state of panic and confusion would be enough to test even the most hardy of moms. Over the course of time many scientific studies as well as the vast experience of mothers and fathers around the globe as discovered some amazing secrets and tips you can employ to make sure your baby is happy and jolly as often as possible. Check out this concise list below.


1. Keep your cool no matter how stressed out you may be. If you are stressed out and under a lot of tension then it is certain that the young baby will pick up on this and mimic your emotions. Babies are great readers of emotion.


2. Keep in touch, and do it constantly. You want to foster a deep and emotional connection with your baby. It has been shown that babies can actually become very ill when not supported by the touch of a human. You can reduce the tears by simply carrying your newborn around as much as possible.


3. Sleep will become a rare thing, and if you are lucky enough to have a partner then this will help thing immensely as you can work out a routined schedule. Make sure that you create a schedule for the baby as well as this will ensure they receive as much sleep as possible.


4. Create peaceful environment for your child to spend time in. You must try to limit the silence and noise pollution surrounding the baby as this is likely to only cause tension. Babies like to be in familiar settings so make sure it is in a comfy soft zone, with light rhythmic music. 


5. Breast feeding is the single most important form of nutrition for a young baby, it has significant health benefits over synthetic milks and if you can natural breast feed then this is preferable. If you want to give your baby a great foot forward and create a wonderful bond then this is the way forward.


6. Finally, babies love to play. It is the way that they experience and involve themselves in the world around them. Babies of a young age will response well to soft, cuddly things, preferably things that are based on animals or humans. Get them a companion for the cot and it will reduce their loneliness. 



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