The Perfect Guide To Baby Toy Safety


Babies and young toddlers love to play, it is an important part in their development as it helps them learn about their environment. Babies are naturally curious so it is important to do your best to keep them out of harms way, especially when they are teething as they are likely to put anything they find in their mouths.Here are some tips/rules/guidelines to follow that will allow you to maintain a safe, friendly and fun environment for your child to explore their new world while still ensuring you keep some peace of mind. 


1. When buying a new toy for your child, make sure it is age appropriate. Buy something that will cater to their skill level. Read the instructions and labels on the products carefully.


2. Everything these days is packaged and boxed rather intensely, so before giving your child their new toy, dispose of any plastics and wrappings.


3. Make sure to buy products made with non toxic materials and coatings as children will put them in their mouth. Don't give small toys that are possible to swallow, so no lego!.


4. Don't buy gifts that are ribboned or wired as this can cause entanglement.


5. Discard broken toys and keep them in good condition to lower the risk of injury. Sharp edges will be very hazardous to a young child. Always supervise your children and inspect they toys.

6. Put toys away after they are finished playing with them. A clear play space will mean less falls and hazards.


Hopefully this list will make sure you can have some peace in your mind when your children are playing. Remember to select the toy carefully, below is the perfect toy for a newborn. Low hazard risk and a great companion for playtime!

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