Toys To Express Your Love For Granny

The backbone of any family unit is the grandmother. She is responsible for bonding the family through social occasions and being the adviser by imparting her years of wisdom. If you were lucky to have a grandmother growing up then you know what I am talking about, and probably have a deep love for your granny. There are many ways to show your appreciation for all her work but what better way then by giving her something heartfelt. She is your grandmother, and you the grandchild and what do grandchildren do best? Play! Here are some ideas of the perfect gifts to give granny straight from her grandchildren, something they can enjoy with her.


1. An iconic toy. Granny knitting one of her famous woollen jumpers while relaxing in her rocking chair. This is a wonderful mantlepiece decoration, or something to be played with together. Generational bonding.


2. Cooking granny. A plush toy that shows your enthusiasm for grannies home cooking. The colourful apron is such a traditional uniform for a talented elderly chef.


3. All of this grannies are handmade by grannies themselves. They come in different sizes, styles and with different expressions available. The one shown above is the librarian granny, but perhaps get one best suited for your grandmothers personality. The most personal way to show love for your granny, be sure to check them out here!


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