Window Cleaner Eats Lunch 24 Floors Up. Seconds Later, Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime


Mike Sullivan of Toronto, Canada is well known for his nerves of steel. But even he got the surprise of his life on Thursday after experiencing what his colleagues are calling the “24th Floor Miracle”.

Having worked as an industrial window cleaner his entire life, 43-year old Sullivan is no stranger to hard graft. But it’s not all about keeping windows clean. Mike is a dab hand at all things DIY and construction, and has been a servant of his local area for decades through his work on numerous community projects.

“It’s in my blood now!” Mike says. “Whether it’s my family or my city, I’m always there when people need me!”

And Mike has just gone a step-further when 24 floors up when spotted a teddy bear on the roof.

The teddy bear had no owner but it inspired him to carry out a project he had long forgotten about which was to give a teddy bear for each year of his life back to the local community centres.

That weekend Mike bought 43 teddy bears from Fuzzy Wuzzy and all the recipients loved them!

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